Our History

"To continue to be fishers of men.  To draw people to Christ through love and kindness.  To educate people about God’s word, to help govern their lives.  Finally to train up good soldiers to fight in and for the Kingdom of God."


The Founder and Organizer Eld. Eddie R. Driver Sr. from Memphis, Tennessee came to Los Angeles, California in 1914 at the request of Bishop Charles H. Mason to establish a ministry.  Eld. E. R. Driver Sr. returned to Memphis to bring his family, wife Annie and four sons -- Foster, Mason, Louie and Eddie -- to Los Angeles in 1916.  Understanding Bishop Mason’s vision, Eld. Driver established and organized Saints Home Church of God in Christ, making this the first Church of God in Christ on the West Coast.  

With a working knowledge of the law, Overseer Eddie understood how to organize, guide and direct a new church.  Eld. Driver Sr. along with his wife, Mother Annie (as she was called) began his ministry in a vacant School House. While building their ministry, Mother Annie was selected as the first State Mother of the Church of God in Christ on the West Coast.  Their sons were very talented in music and sought an education in both music and the Word of the Lord.  They were a family that loved and worshiped God.

Overseer Eddie R. Driver Sr. selected son Louie Marcellous, who was called to the ministry in 1927, as Assistant Pastor to aid in the ministry at Saints Home Church.  In 1943, Overseer Driver went home to be with the Lord and the congregation received Eld. Louie M. Driver Sr. as Pastor.  Eld. Louie, with his wife Myrtle and their three children -- Louie Jr., Thelma Louise and Juanita Pauline -- the church continued to grow.

During his early years of pastoring, Eld. Louie remodeled the Old School House sanctuary into the first streamlined building, equipped with a baptismal pool lavished with mirrors for viewing purposes.  With the convenience of public transportation, the congregation grew.  Eld. Driver had a unique way of teaching and preaching the Gospel.  God did many healings of people with wheelchairs and walking canes, which were mounted on the church wall for all to see.  The saints witnessed many wonders of healings during this time.  Eld. Louie received several elevations within Church of God in Christ, including one position that still stands today, as Bishop of Southwest Jurisdiction, which is now facilitated through the leadership of Bishop Hillrie Murphy, Bishop Driver’s son in the gospel.

Eld. Louie Jr. moved to the State of Oregon with his family, wife Lillian Margaret, Louie lll and Lamar.  He organized a church and found favor with the commercial industry which opened job opportunities in the community and membership.  He was always looking out for the saints and anyone he met became a friend.  Upon his return to California, Bishop Driver Sr. appointed his son Eld. Louie M. Driver Jr. as Assistant Pastor of Saints Home Church.

He attended La Verne University in Irvine to expand his knowledge in God’s Word.  In the year 1972 Bishop Louie appointed Eld. Louie M. Jr. as Pastor of Saints Home Church and the membership approved of the elevation.  Bishop Louie lived a full and sanctified life in Jesus until 1975. 
The community on 20th Street and Hooper Avenue became more commercial which inspired Pastor Louie Jr. to relocate Saints Home Church to a more residential area, 7801 S. Main Street.  The move to the new location presented new challenges with gang activity.  With much praying, fasting, teaching, singing gospel songs and community involvement the battle was won.  Pastor was available every day to counsel and offer help where needed.  When the membership would leave town to fellowship with other churches, Pastor would go to the drug and gang houses to ask them to watch the cars in the parking lot and the church building for safety purposes.  This action of confidence opened a door and some neighbors did attend services. 

Pastor had a zeal for helping young people with education and with God’s natural outdoor activities.  Once a year for a three-day weekend, the church went Camping learning about nature and the importance of working together, but most of all thanking God for life.  Pastor never left the church unattended as he went on Evangelical journeys.  The Assistant Pastor Eld. James Powell, in keeping with the leadership of Pastor Driver, was very capable in maintaining the order during all services including Sundays.  Pastor Louie received many commendations for his 25 years of service and work in the community.  God called him home in 1997.

Succeeding him was Eld. Curtis Morse who pastored from 1997 until his passing in February 1998.  He was affectionately called him the “Singing Cowboy”.

Dr. Eld. Richard Buckner Sr. was appointed Pastor of Saints Home in 1999 by Bishop George D. McKinney and served with wife First Lady Sharita.  Eld. Buckner was appointed as Supt. of Hosanna District.  He also obtained an Honorary Doctorate of Theology.  He worked diligently to refurbish the outside of the church and was instrumental in the purchase of additional property for the church. Known for his enthusiastic preaching filled with many quotable phrases, he fittingly encapsulated his vision in the phrase “Depopulate Hell and Populate Heaven”.  Under adverse health situations, Pastor Buckner was noted for his faithfulness and dedication.  He was appointed as an Advocate for International Presiding Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson.  In 2006 the Lord called him home.

Eld. William Johnson was appointed Pastor 2007 by Bishop George D. McKinney.  While pastoring with his wife Evangelist Lorraine, he was very active as Adjutant to Bishop McKinney.  As a Jurisdictional Officer he was very dedicated.  He was elevated Supt. of Howard Dell District. 

Currently, Saints Home has the privilege of being led by Eld. Paul Grimes.  His enthusiasm and dedication to the church has been uplifting and encouraging.  He is endeavoring to reach the community and for Saints Home to become the community cornerstone.  He started 4th Saturday Outreach ministry where we participate in physical exercise and provide food and clothing to those in need.  Through his ministry, Saints Home has attained new members, fostered connections with LAPD and built relationships with surrounding churches.  Eld. Grimes has implemented Pastoral bible study to further the knowledge of the congregation.  He has vision for the church and with God’s favor we will continue to grow.